Responsible Gambling

Safer gambling, being responsible means being able to gamble without putting yourself, or others, at risk of harm!

✔️ Only spend what you can afford
✔️ Set your limits for time and money
✔️ Gambling is not the answer to any problem
✔️ Gambling when angry or upset is not a good idea
✔️ Gambling shouldn’t interfere with your personal relationships

Whilst many people do gamble safely, for some people gambling will cause problems, and there are numerous ways this can affect you and your loved ones. Here are some links to help you learn how to gamble responsibly and seek help.

Further information is available below:

An Easy To Use Dashboard

Our Reviews


So simple! It’s so easy to use, so simple it’s a joke. Love it, I now track every tip, every bet, every cash out and I can see where I’m doing well and areas I should avoid, like betting on my football team!

Game Changer

First class man! I follow a few tipsters, pay for their services. The fact I can track each ones performance with total ease as well as my own bets, this is a no brainer,. great service, thank you!!

Hate Spreadsheets

I hate spreadsheets, I place a high volume of bets daily, small stakes but it’s something I enjoy. With this I can track every bet and the action I take in seconds. It’s really easy and a technophobe like me can use it. The fact I never need to open excel again, that was a win for me.


Amazing, where have you been all these years! I wasted so much time in spreadsheets, so boring and never did what I needed it to do. This is absolutely brilliant. Nice one!


Tipsters are bloody brilliant, but I never knew if i was really up or down. I track ever bet, every tip, every stake and in a matter of seconds. Without this I would be lost. Fantastic.

I know

Now I know how my tips and bets are actually performing. I’m in a group where lots of people offer “tips”. It’s hard to track them all against people and then know who to really trust or not. After singing up to bet tracker, was so simple to track the bets against the people and see who were giving you good intel and those giving you pub whispers.

Ready to track your way to the top?

If you are placing your own bets, following tipsters or a mixture of both. You need to easily be able to track the bets you place. The bets you cash out, the bets you win and the bets you lose. You need to be able to track tipsters to evaluate the quality of their advice. We bring you bet tracker! In one simple dashboard you can track all your bets, all your tipsters, your bet value, if you use fractional or decimal and in whatever currency you place bets in. We are the service you have been crying out for. No more spreadhseets, no more guess work, just an effective bet tracker to help you know where you stand.

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